Bride Left At Gas Station By Soon-To-Be Divorced Groom

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A German couple got their marriage off on the wrong foot this week when the groom left his bride stranded at a gas station.

But let’s not jump to any conclusions yet.

Maybe it was a simple mistake. Maybe the man was so excited to get to his honeymoon destination with his beautiful new bride that he accidentally hit the gas pedal and sped away from the gas station. Maybe he quickly realized his mistake and returned to pick up his slightly angry bride.

Or, as the Associated Press report, maybe he drove for 125 miles before realizing that the woman was not in the car.

Eileen Nowak, 33, said that they stopped at a gas station near Kirchheim on their way to their honeymoon. Nowak stopped to use the restroom while her husband filled up the tank. Nowak’s husband then got back into the car, without his new wife, and left the gas station.

The man reportedly thought that Nowak was sleeping in the back seat.

To make matters worse, Nowak didn’t have a phone or any money when she was left stranded at the gas station.

UPI reports that the two were eventually reunited with a little help from the local police.