Is Kevin Costner headed to the Superman Reboot?

I don’t usually write much about movie news, or rumors, but this one caught me off-guard a little but being a fan of actor Kevin Costner and someone with high hopes for a decent Superman reboot (ala The Dark Knight reboot) this news item caught my eye.

According the the fine team at FirstShowing there is the rumor floating around that Costner could be in the running for a major role in the next attempt to reboot the Superman movie franchise

Deadline reports Kevin Costner is being circled for a key role in this new take on the iconic superhero. Though no details on his role are yet available, I’d be willing to bet that Costner would play Daily Planet editor-in-chief Perry White. However, it would be far more interesting if he was taking on a villainous role.

Though we’re not sure what villain will be attempting to thwart Supes this time around, it’s not hard to imagine Costner as arch nemesis Lex Luthor. The actor may even be able to pull of General Zod. But given his age, I’d be willing to bet such a strong, action-oriented villain would need to have a younger actor in those shoes. But I still think the safe bet is for Costner to take the role of Perry White.

I would have to agree with Ethan on this. If Costner is up for a role in the movie it is mostly as Perry White; but then he could make a rather interesting Lex Luthor.

What do you think dear readers?