Burger King Debuts ‘Black Ninja Bacon Burger,’ But Only In Japan

black ninja burger japan

Boy, Burger King’s new Black Ninja Bacon Burger sounds like it’s worth a try, right? Too bad it’s only in Japan, the country that gets all the cool food things.

Burger King Japan is rolling out the new burger to select outlets starting October 25, reports Bubble News. The specs? We really don’t know because we don’t speak Japanese and Google translate is spotty at best. You get a burger, a large hash brown, an even larger slice of bacon (though at that size, we’re tempted to just call it “ham”) all between a black bun.

The black bun is made of bamboo charcoal, by the way. We have no idea what that means.

This is probably the coolest foodie thing we’ve seen since the Megaburgerpizza. Kyoto pizza parlor Pizza Little Party offers the culinary abomination, which consists of two pizzas, 400g beef patties, meat sauce, cheese, ketchup, mustard, onions and pickles.

Our own Dan Evon said it best:

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for crazy food combinations and I don’t want to discourage future food inventors but something about ketchup, mustard, and pizza just doesn’t do it for me.”

Of course, if none of that trips your trigger, another Japanese dining curiosity can be found at Tokyo restaurant Ne Quittez Pas. Chef Toshio Tanabe recently introduced what he calls “soil cuisine” which involves… well… eating dirt.

He swears by it.


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