Kendrick Johnson Case Keeps Getting More Bizarre

Kendrick Johnson Case

The Kendricks Johnson case has gained national attention. With every new detail, the case grows increasingly bizarre. The 17-year-old was found dead inside a rolled-up wresting mat in January. Authorities ruled his death accidental. However, his family disagrees.

Authorities determined the teen climbed on top of wrestling mats, which were stored in the Lowndes High School gymnasium. As the mats were kept in an upright position, they believe he fell inside head-first.

They determined that the teen’s position inside the mat led to death by asphyxiation.

Doubting the circumstances, Johnson’s family asked an independent investigator to review the case. In June, the teen’s body was exhumed for further examination.

As reported by CBS News, the family was horrified to learn that the funeral home removed Johnson’s organs, replacing them with rolled up newspapers.

Dr. William R. Anderson performed the second autopsy. Anderson found evidence of blunt force trauma, which indicates Johnson’s death was deliberate.

The family retained attorney Benjamin Crump to represent their interests. Crump became well-known as lead prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin murder trial.

Crump said the Kendrick Johnson case was mishandled. He further asserts that “logically, it seems to be some kind of conspiracy to conceal the truth.”

Johnson’s family argues the case was never fully investigated as their son was black.

As reported by, results of the second autopsy prompted an investigation into the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the funeral home. The extent of the investigation is unknown.

The results also led authorities to reopen the Kendrick Johnson case. The evidence will be presented during a public hearing. The Johnson family is asking the court to change the cause of death from accidental to homicide.

If his cause of death is changed on the death certificate, it will facilitate a criminal investigation into his death. The Johnsons firmly believe their son was intentionally killed.

The Kendrick Johnson case has haunted his family for more than six months. They are hopeful that the new information will ensure justice is served.

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