Starbucks’ Government Shutdown Plea: ‘Come Together Petition’

starbucks come together petition

Chain coffee retailer Starbucks is working to end the government shutdown inside their stores — and perhaps harder than our elected representatives.

Starbucks’ government shutdown initiative is simple and direct, and perhaps not all that effective in the long run, but the retailer does reach an extraordinary number of Americans each day in its many, many outlets.

The idea is simple — the Starbucks “Come Together” petition placed in stores is meant to connect Americans (and customers) with their elected representatives, urging the government to put partisan wrangling aside and end the harmful government gridlock currently gripping the Capitol.

The petition from Starbucks is short and sweet, with just three “demands” with which signees can agree:

1. Reopen our government to serve the people.
2. Pay our debts on time to avoid another financial crisis.
3. Pass a bipartisan and comprehensive long-term budget deal by the end of the year.

The petition is not only in Starbucks stores across the US, but also has been posted across the chain’s social media sites to connect customers with the screed’s message.

Starbucks has disabled Facebook embedding of their petition post, but fans of the chain are commenting on the status despite its over lack of political affiliation.

Of course, some Starbucks customers have also chimed in with other petition-worthy issues they believe should be addressed in Starbucks stores — one complained:

“What u Need is a petition to get pumpkin cream cheese muffins back! Lol out with la bolange whatever its called it sux!!”
come together starbucksSadly, the Starbucks “Come Together” petition seems to have fallen on deaf ears, at least on Facebook. While the petition is meant to rally folks over the pain of the government shutdown, nearly every comment thread on the pic is lambasting the chain for a false rumor widely circulated alleging Starbucks “refuses to support the troops.