Just realized it’s Presidents’ Day? So what all is closed now?

So, today is Presidents’ Day- your kids are at home making noise if you’ve got them, and it’s one of those holidays where no one seems to know what the hell is open.

Presidents’ Day generally affects government workers, so if you work for Uncle Sam, you’re probably sleeping right now. Banks almost always shut their doors as well, but a handful of Wachovia Banks apparently a) still exist and b) are open for business. Bank of America and Chase branches are mostly not open today.

The USPS isn’t delivering mail- they always tell you mail will restart on the next day, as if the country as a whole forgets that’s how mail works. Private parcel companies like UPS, FedEx, and DHL are all open today, so Amazon packages are still coming and going.

Aside from banks and the post office, most government agencies are closed for Presidents Day. The flipside is that there are many Presidents Day sales, and of course, the mall is open on Presidents Day.