Cast And Celebrities React To Glee’s Tribute Episode To Cory Monteith

Glee's Tribute episode to Cory Monteith

Last night was a tough night for fans of the FOX show Glee. For weeks fans were dreading the airing of the third episode, which would act as a tribute to the late-actor Cory Monteith, and the character he played on the show, Finn Hudson.

Since his death, many have come forward to speak about how Cory Monteith touched many lives through his outspoken nature, and kind spirit. Of those lives were many of his friends in the entertainment industry.

Last night 7.4 million watched the Glee cast say farewell to a friend and a cast mate, as well as a beloved character, who to many was the backbone of the series.

A few highlights included the original cast (sans Lea Michele), dressed in black, while singing “Seasons of Love” from the Broadway show Rent. From then on it was clear that this episode would not be about how Finn Hudson died, but the life that he lived.

In a touching opening, Chris Colfer’s Kurt said about his step-brother:

“Everyone wants to talk about how he died, but who cares? One moment in his whole life — I care more about how he lived. I’m going to spend my entire life missing him.”

The monologue acted as a public scolding, and one welcomed, as the general tone surrounding Cory Monteith’s death has been met with unfavorable reactions. Monteith’s Emmy tribute sparked outrage, and some critics questioned whether the Emmys were glorifying a drug addicts death.

There was no glorifying in Glee’s memorial for Finn Hudson and Cory Monteith. At one point Jane Lynch’s Sue Sylvester said that they would honor Finn, “By not making a self-serving spectacle of our own sadness.”

For many the tribute to Finn Hudson was extremely touching, as it was obvious that the actors were playing out their raw emotions over the loss of a beloved friend. In the hours leading up to the Glee tribute, and even after the episode aired on both coasts, celebrity friends reacted to the Glee tribute episode for Cory Monteith.

Lea Michele:
TEXT CHANCE to 50555 to give $10 to @ChrysalisLA an amazing org that Cory and I supported together.

Sarah Hyland:
Cried the entire episode of tonight’s Glee. Beautifully done #Quarterback #RememberingCory

Rebel Wilson:
My heart went out to all the GLEE family watching the Farewell to Finn tonight x

Jordin Sparks:
This is such a touching tribute on Glee. I am bawling. #rememberingcory

Paula Abdul:
BEAUTIFUL open. What a truly lovely tribute. RT @gleeonfox: West Coast: Glee starts now. Are you watching? #RememberingCory

Olivia Munn:
We should all give more hugs. #Glee

Kevin McHale:
Tonights Glee was made out of a lot of love & a lot of tears by our incredible crew, cast & creators for our friend Cory. We miss you Cory

Jenna Ushkowitz:
Tune in with all of us tonight to say goodbye to our friend Cory and our quarterback, Finn.

Dot-Marie Jones:

Amber Riley:
“The Quarterback” airs tomorrow. Very special episode, please be sure and watch guys. Beautiful tribute to such a beautiful soul.

Darren Criss:
Dearest Gleeks, saying goodbye is terribly difficult- we at #glee have had our time. Tonight’s ep is not just for Cory, but for all of you.

Ryan Murphy:
Thank u for all the kind words tonight. I miss you, Cory.

All proceeds for Glee’s ‘The Quarterback’ episode will go to Project Limelight Society, a foundation that Cory Monteith helped throughout the years.