Kate Upton Photos Mock Justin Verlander From A’s Signs, No Nude Shots Necessary

Kate Upton Photos Mock Justin Verlander With A's Signs, No Nude Shots Necessary

Who knew Kate Upton photos could be so distracting during a baseball game? But maybe not so for Justin Verlander.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, alleged Kate Upton GTA 5 photos had many gamers curious. And who can forget when we saw Kate Upton nude and topless on top of a horse?

But photos of Kate Upton nude apparently were considered unnecessary to distract the Tigers’ Justin Verland during a match against the A’s. Cardboard cutouts of Kate Upton’s face and head were used to distract the baseball player.

Game 5 of the American League Division Series was between the Oakland A’s and the Detroit Tigers. The reason why A’s fans used Kate Upton photos as a diversion was because starting pitcher Justin Verlander was romantically attached to the model at one point.

Well, the A’s Justin Verlander distraction strategy failed to have any merit since the pitcher took a no-hitter into the seventh inning, with the Tigers winning the game. It’s possible Kate Upton could have ridden in topless on a horse and he still wouldn’t have noticed.

But these Kate Upton photos are not the models first time in baseball. Another Kate Upton Sports Illustrated cover featured the Atlanta Braves, which is probably the most clothing the model has worn for any major photo shoot.