Man Amputates Own Leg to Avoid Medical Bills

A Chinese man has amputated his own leg using a hacksaw and a fruit knife.

Doctors had told him that he had just one month to live due to the infection in his leg.

Zheng Yanliang, 47, decided that he had no choice but to take matters into his own hands, as he was unable to pay the hospital for the necessary surgery.

He suffered from severe arterial thrombosis in both legs, and the painkillers that had been prescribed were no longer working, even by trebling the dose.,

Waiting for his wife to go to bed, he used a wooden back scratcher to bite down upon as he began cutting his right leg with the knife,15 cm below the hip. He then continued with the hacksaw, which broke in two because of the resistance of the bone. Eventually he succeeded in removing the limb.

His wife happened to wake up after 20 minutes and returned to her husband’s room, only to be confronted by the horrific nightmarish scene

Apart from the amputated limb, there were also four of her husband’s teeth lying on the table, which had broken off as he bit into the wood.

The only redeeming feature of the whole amputation was that Zheng didn’t bleed to death because the thrombosis had cut of most of the blood supply to the leg.

Originally,since his local GP couldn’t diagnose the problem, he had had to avail himself of the services, or lack of them, of the Chinese healthcare system. He was diagnosed with the embolism, told it was incurable, and given a month to live – and then handed a large bill.

But after three months he was still alive, sort of. The pain was so acute he kept his neighbors awake with the screams.

All this happened 18 months ago, but the story has only just come to light and was revealed by Sky News.

Now his left leg is infected, so Zheng has gone public in an attempt to attract charity. He says he receives only a small allowance from his daughter, and – as if he doesn’t have enough problems – his wife is suffering from diabetes.

According to Sky News, the coverage of the story has lead Dr Zhang Qiang, from the Shanghai Wode Medical Centre, to promise to cover all of Zheng’s medical costs from now on.

Hopefully this new found spirit of helpfulness has not come to late for Zheng Yanliang, the one-legged Chinaman.