Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ USPS Stamps Destroyed Over Nanny-State Safety Concerns

Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move USPS stamps designs are apparently being destroyed over concerns about safety in the scenes depicted.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, USPS stamps would go up by three cents under a proposed rate hike.

The USPS stamps were created as part of the President’s Council on Fitness Sports and Nutrition and the Let’s Move campaign as overseen by Michele Obama, who has been trying to get kids to be more healthy and active. But three stamps in the series apparently did not meet with Michelle Obama’s approval.

These three “unsafe” USPS stamps depicted children performing a cannonball dive into a pool, skateboarding without knee pads, and a doing a headstand without a helmet. We might ask, “Who does a headstand with a helmet?”

Regardless, the USPS is trying to make the decision whether to destroy the already printed Let’s Move stamps. This should make any of these stamps extremely valuable since it will be rare for any Let’s Move stamp to survive.

Michelle Obama Let's Move USPS Stamps

But the best part of the story is the Twitter parodies of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move USPS stamps:

What do you think about Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move USPS stamps being destroyed over kids safety concerns?