Woman Tosses Newborn Baby From Bathroom Window, Goes On Date

Two horrific baby tossing stories have made the news this week following separate incidents in Arizona and East St. Loius, Illinois. The first shocking incident took place in Arizona.

A 16-year-old woman has been accused of giving birth to a baby and throwing it out of her bathroom window. The teen, who has not yet been named, was arrested on Tuesday night and taken into custody on child abuse and attempted murder charges.

Deputies from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said they were called to an Address in Mesa. When they arrived at the family home they found the mother, who was said to be bleeding profusely, but saw no sign of a baby.

Having searched the residence for a good 30 minutes, officers found the baby in the backyard shed. Detectives said that the mother threw the newborn baby out of the bathroom window of the property. The baby fell at least five feet, hitting its head on a brick wall and sustaining life threatening injuries.

The infant, who is male, suffered a cracked skull in the incident but is expected to survive. He was taken into the care of the local Child Protective Services.

In a second very similar baby tossing incident a 23-year-old mother from Illinois allegedly gave birth in her family home’s second story bathroom. Even though a number of family members were downstairs at the time of the birth, it is alleged that no one heard the woman’s screams.

Having given birth the woman then wrapped the baby in a towel and tossed it out of the window into weeds adjacent to the house. Unbelievably, the woman then went out on a date, leaving the newborn baby there. Only later on, having returned from the date, did she complain of pains in her stomach.

Both of these stories have sent shock waves through the local communities in Arizona and Illinois as people try to fathom how and why new mothers could treat their newborn babies in such an inhumane and wicked way.

Both woman now face homicide charges, and we can only hope that justice will prevail in these two tragic cases.