Motorola XOOM Pre-Orders Begin Feb 24 at Best Buy

Ready to get your hands on some Android 3.0 Honeycomb goodness? If a tablet is at the front of your thoughts you can begin pre-ordering the Motorola XOOM from Best Buy starting February 24.

The 10.1-inch Android slate will go on sale at that time for $799.99 and includes on-board Verizon 3G broadband, although a 4G update is expected sometime in 2011 (whenever Verizon gets their 4G network fully operational).

For users who want more from their XOOM several add-ons are also going on sale including a desktop dock for just $49.99, a Speaker down for $129.99 and a portfolio case with built in stand for $39.99. For just $69.99 users can also pick up a very useful Bluetooth keyboard.

If you want to pre-order your XOOM you’ll have to head to a local retail store since online pre-orders are not being offered at this time. If you want a cheaper non-3G version you’ll also have to wait until Q2 2011.