Apple MacBook Pro Models Delayed 3-5 Business Days In U.S.

Apple on Sunday night announced that all Macbook Pro models will be delayed for the next 3-5 business days due to shipping issues. The units typically ship in 24 hours from the time of ordering.

Typically Apple will have a delay when new models are about to be released and when system upgrades on their Macbook Pro and other systems are underway.

As Electronista points out, Apple resellers have been receiving mystery shipments and it’s expected that Apple will unveil a new Macbook Pro series by this coming Tuesday with the new notebooks going on sale that same day or one day later.

The next upgrade is expected to see 2011 Core processors implemented in Apple’s Macbook Pro line which hasn’t been upgraded in 10 months, while faster dedicated graphics are expected on the company’s 15-inch and 17-inch displays. The 13-inch unit however is expected to use the less impressive Intel GPU, although a Sandy Bridge architecture upgrade could help easily supplement the rather clunky GeForce 320M.