'Team Madleets' Performs DNS Hack Against Google Malaysia

Google's Malaysian website was hacked on Thursday and the hackers used a DNS trick to replace the company's splash screen with a "Team Madleets" message.

The Google Malaysia website was offline for several hours on Thursday afternoon as engineers worked to fix the problem.

Listed on the homepage were a list of hacker handles provided by the Team Madleets crew.

Following the hacking attack, the page read: '[!] Struck by 1337,' a reference to an individual hacker within the group who recently performed hacks on domain registrars in several countries.

On 1337's Facebook page, they write: "Google Malaysia Stamped By 1337″ while referencing google.com.my and google.my domains.

In a posted message, the group proclaims:

We feel we need to alert anyone, that we don't hack any country tlds for example google.com.my as a result of any kind of hate, We don't hate anyone, We love all humanity, there is no obvious reason for stamping the tlds.Least the reason is not any kind of hate.Whatever the reason is we can't explain except we love all of you.Regard'sH4x0rL1f3
A page for the hacker group reads, "MadLeets is a Ethical and 1337 White Hat Hackers Community. We are Anti Hackers, we teach how to protect yourself from getting hacked."

Based on that message, Team Madleets don't appear to be hacktivists like Anonymous and Lulz Sec, but rather a group of hackers who are in it just because they know how to hack.

In July, Google Malaysia was also hacked along with several other Malaysian websites.

In a statement to TechCrunch, the group adds:

There's not much reason behind it, only to prove that security is just an illusion. It does not exist.

We have no political intentions whatsoever, as you have already stated.

Regards, LeeT

Are you team Google or Team Madleet?