Dean Sheremet Discovered LeAnn Rimes’ Affair Right Before We Did

Dean Sheremet discovered his ex-wife LeAnn Rimes’ affair with actor Eddie Cibrian right before the story broke nationally.

The celebrity chef had no clue his wife was cheating on him with her TV movie co-star until Rimes learned that Us Weekly obtained intimate photos of the couple.

Access Hollywood reports that Rimes made sure to tell Sheremet about the affair herself, before he could find out about it on tabloids and TV.

Sheremet recalled that Rimes phoned him to explain, saying, “I had a call… from LeAnn, she said, ‘Well, Us Weekly may or may not have a picture of me and Eddie kissing.’ I’m like, ‘Whoa! What do you mean may or may not have a picture? What does that mean?’ “

The accomplished chef went on to say, “So, then it was a whole, yeah, it unfolded from there.” The news certainly blindsided Dean, who was shocked his wife would cheat on him.

The fallout from LeAnn Rimes’ affair was also very tough for Dean Sheremet’s family. MSN Wonderwall notes that he added, “The harder part was seeing it played out over the media.” Having “an intimate personal thing” displayed on magazine stands everywhere was especially difficult.

Despite what LeAnn Rimes did to him, Sheremet stated that he has “no animosity toward her.” Instead, he stated, “I have nothing but love for her and I really with her the best.” The chef also learned a lot from the relationship. Dean explained, “I think that was my learning experience of what I needed to do to pick myself up and kind of do what I needed to.”

LeAnn Rimes went on to marry Eddie Cibrian and Dean Sheremet has also remarried. The dancer-turned-chef and food blogger said, “I do.” to Sarah Silver in August 2011.

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