Kendrick Johnson: Second Autopsy Reveals Missing Organs, Body Stuffed With Newspaper

Kendrick Johnson, the Georgia teen whose body was discovered in a rolled up wrestling mat in January, was found with his internal organs removed and his body stuffed with newspaper upon a private autopsy paid for by the family, according to a new report from

According to Johnson’s family, they are “outraged” and “devastated” over the new findings regarding their 17-year-old son’s death. They believe his death was a murder and has been covered up, according to their attorney.

Johnson, an active and talented athlete in three sports, was found dead on January 11 at his school’s gym. State medical examiners came to the conclusion he had been “accidentally suffocated” while trying to retrieve a sneaker.

His parents, Kenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson, were understandably suspicious of this claim and ordered their son’s exhumation and a second autopsy. The results, reported by The Inquisitr in September, revealed that his death was not accidental, as originally claimed.

What we didn’t hear about the second autopsy, until today, was that “organs from the teen’s torso up to his skull had been removed and replaced with newspaper after his death,” noted.

In all, the body of Kendrick Johnson was in three places after his death: in possession of the local sheriff, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (who conducted autopsy no. 1), and Harrington Funeral Home of Valdosta, Georgia.

According to the GBI director of public affairs Sherry Lang, “We stand behind our medical examiner’s office and their autopsy report on this case. We returned the organs with the body to the funeral home. It’s our policy and it’s our practice on every single autopsy that we do.”

The second private autopsy determined that Johnson had died from blunt force trauma to the head. Here’s more on the story:

Do you believe Kendrick Johnson was murdered and that someone is covering up the truth, or is the GBI autopsy more credible? Share your thoughts below.

[Image of Kendrick Johnson released by the family]