Cory Monteith's Father 'Never Got To Say Goodbye', Releases Haunting Accusations

For four years, Glee actor Cory Monteith lived a very public life. He was honest and open about his drug addiction, which tragically took his life this past July, and he was open about his love for his on-screen and off-screen girlfriend Lea Michele. What he wasn't open about was his relationship with his estranged father Joe Monteith.

While Cory alluded that things were mended between him and his father, he didn't reveal anything in regards to the reason for their initial estrangement. All that was known was that Cory Monteith's parents divorced, and he lived with his mother Ann McGregor.

Since Monteith's tragic death, his estranged father Joe Monteith has come forward to offer his side of the story to the press, while mourning the loss of a son he barely knew. This time around Joe Monteith told PEOPLE that he never got to say goodbye to his youngest son Cory.

Later tonight, many of Cory's fans and friends will be saying goodbye to the 6'4 actor as FOX will air a very special tribute episode to Glee's Finn Hudson. It's said that the episode will take place two weeks after the death of Finn Hudson. For Joe Monteith, this episode of Glee may be all he has to say goodbye to his son.

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Joe Monteith spoke out about the last time he saw Cory, which was sometime in 2011 when the actor, who had already risen to fame by then, visited his father. Before Cory visited his father, he reportedly reached out to Joe's wife, having said during a phone call, "I just want to know if my father loves me." During their meeting, the two had a heart-to-heart, with Joe telling his side of the story.

Joe Monteith didn't mince words in his interview to PEOPLE, and mentioned a time when he sent Cory and his brother Christmas presents, only for the gifts to be returned. Joe's current wife Yvette Monteith backs this claim up by saying: "Joe's mother's presents also were sent back, and the following year, (McGregor) said she didn't want us sending anything."

When Joe revealed the story to Cory, his son had said: "Dad, I didn't know that."

Joe claims for the following 17 years he had no contact with Cory and Shaun Monteith, as Monteith's mother kept him away from his sons.

As previously reported, Joe also wasn't included when Cory's brother Shaun, his mother, and girlfriend Lea Michele said goodbye before Monteith's body was cremated. Of the ordeal, Joe said: "It's just ripping my insides out and tearing me apart."

Although Joe Monteith was in the dark about his son falling off the wagon, he recalled a time where Cory had to be brought back to life, having said his son went "code blue."

Joe said of the incident: "He got a shot to his heart to bring him back, and he was told at that time to use no drugs of any kind because you had your one shot. He said 'I wont go there ever again. I'm enjoying myself.' He should have known not to touch that drug again."

Of Glee's tribute episode, Joe Monteith said that he will watch, but very hesitantly, as he's worried the show won't take the opportunity to talk to teens about drug use.

"I don't want to see any parent lose a child over heroin."

Glee's tribute episode to Cory Monteith airs tonight at 9 pm.