Wedding Cameraman Fails To Edit His Anti-Semitic Commentary Out Of Video


A newlywed Jewish couple were absolutely horrified when the cameraman they paid to document their big day sent them a rough cut of the video which included his anti-Semitic remarks about wedding guests, the bride and groom, the Holocaust and the Jewish nation as a whole.

Husband and wife Stan and Claudia Gocman said that they were heartbroken when they sat down to view the film of their wedding and hearing cameraman Anthony Aurelius label the bride “unattractive,” guests “f*cking cows,” and opining that Jews are the “meanest people in the world.”

“I don’t think I blame Hitler,” Aurelius is heard saying on the tape.

Paid to record their ceremony at a London synagogue and a reception at a plush hotel, Aurelius also disparages the couple for picking his “bronze deal” instead of one of his more expensive packages.

The couple said that the video, sent to them by accident, completely ruined their memories of their wedding day. Adding insult to injury, when they finally got the edited video, they found it to be of such poor quality that they opted to pay extra for the unedited version.

“We didn’t want anything fancy or worthy of an Oscar, just a documentation of the day,” Mrs. Gocman said. “At first, I was really upset but then I was furious. I think he’s a disgusting little man. I can’t even stand to watch the video, it makes me so angry.”

To his credit, Aurelius sent the couple a hand-written apology, an email, and refunded their money without putting up a fight, which is pretty much all you can do when you’re caught red-handed like that.

“I am very sorry for offending you and possibly your family also. You did not deserve this. I am ashamed, in honesty,” he wrote. “I have felt awful about this and did not know what to say, in truth.”

He continued, saying that he hoped the situation would help him improve himself.

“I am trying to walk a good life, but in this instance I failed very badly in God’s eyes. I need to grow up here it seems and pay more attention to developing my character. This has taught me a lot to grow up in terms of not just my actions, but what I say.”

You can check out Mr. Aurelius’ un-cut wedding tape below:

[Image: Shutterstock]