Pregnant Woman Denied At Health Center, Gives Birth On Lawn

There's an expression that goes like this: "When you know, you just know." Such was the case for mother-to-be Irma Lopez. Lopez who was about to give birth to her third child knew it was time. Lopez decided to show up to her local health clinic so she could properly give birth.

One thing Lopez wasn't expecting on one of the most joyful days of her life? The local health clinic showing her the door instead of welcoming her in. Instead the clinic told Lopez, who was about to give birth, to come back the next day for a check up.

Since Lopez was denied into her local health clinic she had no choice but to deliver her third child on the lawn of the health care facility that turned their backs on her. Although Lopez was alone, according to an eyewitness, Lopez was graphically photographed with her newborn spread out on the grass, with his umbilical cord still attached and dangling from her body.

The photo quickly went viral all across Mexico. Lopez currently resides in northern Oaxaca, Mexico. Due to this unfortunate situation, the center's director, Dr. Adrian Cruz was forced to resign. Officials who represent the federal Health Department have now commented on the matter, and promised to investigate the situation as well as Lopez's treatment once after she was turned away.

Irma Lopez spoke out to the associated press about the situation that saw her giving birth on the lawn of the Health Center. Lopez had said: "I didn't want to deliver like this. It was so ugly and with so much pain."

For those wondering where the husband was during this whole ordeal, Lopez said that he was still trying to get her access to the clinic when she delivered her baby by herself on the lawn of the Health Clinic.

Lopez then went on to reveal the name of her newborn son as Salvador. In English Salvador means Savior. Of her decision behind the name Lopez said, "He really saved himself."

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