Lindsay Lohan Outs Brother On Dating Website

Lindsay Lohan's brother Michael

The last time we heard from the Lohan clan, Lindsay’s mom Dina was in the midst of possibly losing her Long Island home. Now that the dust seems to have settled, the Lohans are once again making it into the news. However this story is a bit more lighthearted.

Lindsay Lohan has been pretty quiet since she completed her most recent rehab stint. She hasn’t been tumbling out of nightclubs, or making friends with all the wrong people. It looks like Lohan is serious about being on her best behavior. So what does Lohan do during her downtime these days? Browse dating websites, of course.

Something Lindsay Lohan was probably not expecting to come across on a dating site was her own brother. On Wednesday Lindsay was browsing the dating site Tinder when she came across her little brother Mike. Lohan was obviously very amused about finding her little brother on the dating app. To celebrate this unfortunate stroke of luck, Lohan screencapped Mike Lohan’s profile and decided to post is on her personal Instagram.

The Instagram photo of Mike’s Tinder profile was captioned with Lindsay’s brand of humor: “Look who I just found on the @tinderapp..hey bro.”

One thing that sticks out to us is the fact that Lohan had to have signed up for the service herself to look at dating profiles. So if you come across a 27-year-old woman from Long Island that looks vaguely like Lindsay Lohan, it may be Lindsay herself.

Other than living a relatively tame life, Lindsay recently purchased new property in Manhattan in the borough’s SoHo area. Lindsay’s new pad is said to be about 3,000 square feet with three bedrooms.

In other news we’re still waiting for Lindsay Lohan’s new show on OWN to debut in 2014. Perhaps Mike Lohan’s Tinder profile will be the topic of discussion.