Shocktoberfest Cancels Nude Haunted House, City ‘Prefers’ Terrified People Stay Clothed

shocktoberfest nude option

Shocktoberfest has cancelled their nude haunted house option after local township officials asked park bosses to reconsider their pervy plan.

The Pennsylvania scare house was planning to offer a “Naked and Scared” tour, allowing people to strip down to their birthday suits in order to take away their most basic sense of protection, thus maximizing the scare potential.

They had originally planned to offer both “nude” and “prude” options, the latter of which would allow visitors to wear only their underwear if they felt uncomfortable going full-nude. They’ll still offer “prude” tickets, owner Patrick Konopelski said.

“We’re trying to be good neighbors,” he said. “We don’t want to pick fights with our municipalities, and they prefer us not to do the naked portion.”

News of the nude haunted house tour made national headlines weeks ago, overwhelming city officials with concerns and complaints. Tickets to go nude were offered online, and the park will offer full refunds for anyone who bought one for $20 prior to Friday’s season opening.

Though the park will comply with requests, Konopelski is a little disappointed with the last-minute switch.

“We were just trying to take haunted houses to the next level. It’s not about sex, it’s not about erotica, it’s not about deviant behaviors,” he said. “We wanted to give our customers the most unique, scary, frightening experience they’ve ever had in a haunted house. When you combine the fear of a haunted house and the fear of nudity, it’s almost like, ‘Why didn’t we do this 10 years ago?'”

Though he wouldn’t divulge the number of nude tickets sold, Konopelski said that there was an overwhelming response from people “interested in experiencing a haunted house with absolutely zero protection.”

“We all need to have a moral code and live within it, but unfortunately, it seems that some people feel they have a right to dictate what other Americans can do based on their individual moral code,” he said.

Shocktoberfest was told prior to offering that they were well-within their legal rights to host the nude tour. Concerns of possible perversion among his employees or even the park’s visitors were dismissed.

“Look, we are a legitimate company. We’ve been in business for 30 years. I’m a normal guy. I raise a family in this town. I have four kids. I live a pretty normal life,” he said. “Yes, I own Shocktoberfest and we scare people but it’s kind of a boring life other than that.”

Would you have been willing to take the “Naked and Scared” tour at Shocktoberfest?