Aaron Hernandez Trial Date Shenanigans: Prosecution Wants Judge Recused For Conflict Of Interest

The Aaron Hernandez trial date for the murder case could be delayed if allegations of the judge having a conflict of interest with Aaron Hernandez are true.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, both Aaron Hernandez’s girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins and cousin have been indicted in connection with the alleged Odin Lloyd murder.

The prosecuting lawyers making the case against Aaron Hernandez apparently have a history with Judge Susan Garsh and at the pretrial they demanded she be recused from the Aaron Hernandez murder trial.

Judge Garsh apparently made ruling on evidence that apparently made the murder trial very difficult for the prosecution. The prosecution claims Judge Garsh “made erroneous findings of law.” Surprisingly, Judge Garsh did not immediately reject the motion for her recusal, but set a hearing on the matter for October 21.

James Sultan, a defense lawyer for the Aaron Hernandez murder trial, said he wanted the opportunity to thoroughly discuss the issue:

“This is a serious matter, and… I would like an opportunity to respond in writing and have a hearing on the motion.”

Court documents note that First Assistant District Attorney William McCauley and Garsh “have a well-known and publicly documented history of antagonism — a history that has, in the past, generated broad public comment and concern.” These documents reference a 2010 murder trial where Judge Garsh “exhibited antagonism to the commonwealth’s case through the trial” by using words that were “unnecessary, discourteous, and demeaning.”

Do you think the Aaron Hernandez trial date should or could be delayed due to the alleged conflict of interest?