The UFL is being sued…again

The UFL is trying to convince everyone that there are not on the death watch, yet the more and more we look at the 2010 expenditures by this league the more and more it actually looks like they are on the Death Watch. The league is being sued by a PR firm that helped them rebrand the California Redwoods into the Sacramento Mountain Lions. While the league might actually have a legitimate reason for not paying this bill, this PR firm is the latest person to not be paid by the UFL for 2010 work.

The PR firm claims the league owes them 250 grand for such awesome PR stunts as having fans going on a scavenger hunt for a cardboard cutout of Mountain Lions QB Daunte Culpepper with clues found on Facebook and Twitter. The UFL might have stiffed them and they may have had a good reason to do so.

Even with that this league seems to have made a poor decision to try and rebrand two of its teams while launching a third. The California Redwoods did not need to be rebranded and may have been among the more popular original UFL franchises. For me any money spent on rebranding the Redwoods was not money well spent. I cannot make the same argument for the rebranding of the New York Sentinels into the Hartford Colonials.

In the end the UFL may have tried to do too much in 2010. Instead of focusing in on launching the Omaha Nighthawks they relocated two teams and spent a ton of money rebranding them. Sine we know the league is centrally controlled the staff may have been over worked and pulled to thin. Whatever the case is this league cannot afford to spend money it does not have to spend.

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