Sheryl Crow Snitched On Lance Armstrong To Feds, Book Claims

A new book claims that Sheryl Crow played a major part in Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace.

Wall Street Journal reporters Reed Albergotti and Vanessa O’Connell write in Wheelmen: Lance Armstrong, The Tour de France, And The Greatest Sports Conspiracy Ever that Sheryl Crow witnessed Lance receiving a blood transfusion in 2005.

Crow would later speak with the Food and Drug Administration about the incident. The book claims that Crow received a proffer agreement which protected her from criminal prosecution.

A passage from the book reads:

“Rather than try to hide the transfusion from her, Armstrong was completely open about it… He trusted that Crow would have no desire to tell the press or anyone else about the team’s doping program. He explained that it was simply part of the sport – that all cyclists were doing the same thing.”

The Washington Post reports that Crow and Armstrong were briefly engaged but broke up in 2006. The singer kept Armstrong’s secret until 2011 when she opened up to an FDA investigator.

Armstrong was stripped of 7 Tour De France titles for doping and has been banned from future competitions. He has also lost sponsorship and is no longer affiliated with the Livestrong charity.

Wheelmen: Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France and the Greatest Sports Conspiracy Ever will hit book shelves this Tuesday.

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