Paris Hilton Curses Out Radio DJ After Sex Tape Comment

Paris Hilton called in to a radio show this morning to talk about her new single "Good Time," but the interview didn't go as planned. Paris ended up cursing out the DJ after he brought up her infamous sex tape.

Hilton called into the "Bob and the Showgram" show this morning to talk about "Good Time." The hotel heiress was asked a few questions about body image, her career, and her new music and then host Bob Dumas decided to ask her about the sex tape she made a few years ago.

Dumas said: "Several people like Kim Kardashian and a few others got their start with a sex tape. You did too. Do you ever regret that?"

Paris said that she had nothing to do with the sex tape and blamed the video on her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon who she called a very sick man.

Dumas' co-host tried to steer the conversation in a more pleasant direction, but Paris was still pretty upset about the comment. After the interview ends, Paris can be heard talking to someone (probably her manager or PR person) and says that she will never do "Bob and the Showgram" show again.

Paris said: "That guy was a f**king a**hole; I'm never doing that show again."

Her manager adds: "I can't believe they brought that crap up."

You can listen to the conversation below.