McDonald’s Worker Arrested After Asking Company President About Unlivable Wages [Video]

A McDonald’s worker was arrested after going to the company president in person to ask a few questions. In a meeting, 26-year-old Nancy Salgado asked the head of McDonald’s to explain why she can’t afford to buy shoes or enough food for her two children. In a video recorded of the encounter, Salgado asks the McDonald’s USA president whether he thinks, after working for the company for 10 years, if it “is fair that I have to be making $8.25?”

What was McDonald’s President Jeff Stratton’s reply? “I’ve been there forty years.” Huh, maybe if she just hangs around for another 30 years Salgado will become president too. The logic on that might need double checking. As Salgado continued to ask Stratton the hard questions, a security guard is heard in the video threatening her with arrest.

The confrontation came during a speech being delivered by Stratton at the Union League Club of Chicago on Friday, reports Raw Story. Salgado and six protesters, members of Fight For $15, were kicked out of the meeting despite having legitimate tickets to the event. Salgado, a long-time McDonald’s worker, was arrested after continuing her questioning of Stratton.

Fight For $15 is an activist group that calls for increased pay for fast food employees. They were a part of widespread fast food worker strikes across the United States back in August. During the confrontation Salgado accuses McDonald’s USA President Jeff Stratton of falsely claiming that he is working toward giving workers higher wages, pointing to little or no real changes, reports Huffington Post.

Nancy Salgado says she was inspired to speak out because of her children. She believes Stratton and other presidents and CEOs who make millions have a duty to give their employees a livable wage.

The McDonald’s worker arrested for confronting the company president was eventually given only a citation. However, Salgado’s hours have been cut at work and she worries about possibly losing her job entirely.

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