Twitter bans UberTwitter, other popular clients…

…and #TwitterMobile is the number one trending topic right now, but also promoted. Hmmm…

UberTwitter and Twydroid fans have taken to Twitter en masse to bemoan the bannination of their favorite clients for Twitter after the microblogging service announced the suspension in a blog post. Twitter told ComputerWorld that the apps were suspended for an alleged laundry list of violations:

“Today, we suspended several applications, including UberTwitter, Twidroyd and UberCurrent, which have violated Twitter policies and trademarks in a variety of ways,” wrote Twitter spokeswoman Carolyn Penner, in an e-mail to Computerworld. “These violations include, but aren’t limited to, a privacy issue with private Direct Messages longer than 140 characters, trademark infringement, and changing the content of users’ Tweets in order to make money.”

Shaken UberMedia CEO Bill Gross has confirmed that the requested changes were immediately made, and that the company is waiting for Twitter to re-approve the apps. The accusations of tweet-altering are weighty ones if they bear out, but no specific evidence to back the claims up has yet been offered.

How do you tweet from your handset? Does the UberTwitter ban interfere with your Twitter habits?