Group urges FDA ban of caramel coloring in cola

Okay, I am beginning to think this is a personal vendetta merely to deny those of us who drink Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi our beloved sole beverage of choice, or maybe some big conspiracy on the part of Big Water.

Last week, if you recall, it was disclosed that a study revealed drinking daily diet soda can sharply up your risk of death by heart attack or stroke- it basically dicks around with your blood vessels in some undetermined way. If that wasn’t bad enough, now it seems that the FDA is being urged to ban the hell out of caramel coloring, the additive that makes cola brown:

According to the petition, filed by the Washington-based Center for Science in the Public Interest, both have been found by the National Toxicology Program to cause cancer in animals. And last month, California regulators added one of them — 4-methylimidazole — to the list of chemicals “known to the state to cause cancer.” The state said the safe limit for consumption of the chemical is 16 micrograms a day. However, a recent study suggested that 12 ounces of cola would contain up to 130 micrograms of the substance, according to the petition.

The American Beverage Association waved off the claims as “nothing more than another attempt to scare consumers.” Do you plan to cut your soda consumption, or are you too on the pipe to switch to water?