NYPD Cop Arrested In Motorcyle-SUV Assault Case

An NYPD Cop has been arrested for his part in a recent motorcycle attack. The officer was part of the biker gang that teamed up on a man and his family as they drove through Manhattan.

New York Police officer Wojciech Braszczok surrendered to authorities on Friday to face charges over inciting a riot and criminal mischief.

According to attorney Phil Karasyk, the 10-year veteran of the police force only witnessed the bikers attacking the vehicle. However, investigators found evidence of Braszczok punching an already damaged back window. He then proceeded to kicking the side of the SUV two times before rushing away from the scene.

The incident led to one motorcyclist being run over and the owner of the SUV being dragged from his vehicle and beaten by the biker gang.

So far six of the motorcyclists have been arrested and four have been criminally charged. One of the arrested men is Clint Caldwell, he has been charged gang assault and other offenses.

The Manhattan district attorney's office said prosecutors and police are "methodically scrutinizing the evidence to build the strongest possible cases."

The case against the arrested NYPD cop has led to an internal affairs investigation against the undercover detectives actions. The investigation began because the officer failed to report his involvement in the event until three days later.

Part of the SUV biker gang attack was caught on a helmet-mounted video and then posted on Youtube. In the video around two dozen motorcyclists surround and slow down the victims Range Rover. Several of the riders dismount from their bikes and begin damaging the vehicle.

Here is the original video that went viral and led to a full investigation against the violent motorcycle drivers: