Let's Stop The "Miley" Roller Coaster

Is the Pic above not sexy enough?

Throughout history, woman have been struggling for equal rights to vote, to work, and even to drive a car and live a life that celebrates our womanhood. Yet, we are constantly compared to models, who are mostly not naturally pretty,and the pressure of being sexy and attractive, is a constant growing expectation, even when you are sixty.

The other day I was at the hospital, and behind the desk sat a secretary, who seems can be my grandmother, yet wears clothes that are so revealing, I was embarrassed for her (I could see her boobs), and such high heels, I was feeling dizzy just looking at her walking around. And this was in the hospital.

Why a woman at that age still needs to feel she is twenty, is beyond me. Are you only pretty and sexy when you are young?

So I have a confession to make.i don't even properly know what the fuss is about. Here, I said it. and to be honest, I don't even want to know. I know that if I dare and open a page that will contain any information about Miley or any pictures, all I will do is add to her exposure and influence.

Why is this roller coaster refusing to stop? Because as long as it is making headlines, and as long Miley is a willing participant, and as long as someone is making the big bucks, it won't stop, and might even get worse.

So who is involved in this roller coaster? The person reading the article, the person posting the article, and the one who is in the article. You are all responsible for her continuous exposure and influence on our society.

You think the way Miley is behaving and advertising herself, is as bad as it will get. Think again. When Madonna came out with her song "Like a Virgin" they also thought it can't get any worse, ('undermining family values'). And when a girls band call themselves "Pussycat Dolls" I think I made my point. Yet, here we are.

A women should not be used for her sexuality to sell merchandise, even if she herself is the merchandise. Sexuality is a beautiful thing not to be sold to the masses. It's like a rare diamond you get a peek at in the museum, and not like a chocolate bar you binge on. Our sweet little daughters will grow up feeling worth their price tag (not age like wine) and our cute little boys, will end up being the customer (for the fresher bouquet of flowers), if this roller coaster is not stopped.

The only reason Miley can sell herself, is because someone is buying. If we all stop opening her pages on the Internet (yes, it's not free!), stop watching her videos (more visiting and watching = more money!), and stop buying her CD (even Hanna Montana), we can all make a statement that we are a moral bound society, and don't only care about the ozone and world peace and the price of milk, but also care about the future of our children's self worth when they grow up, and our worth when we are older (there is only so much skin you can stretch!!)

I call all respectable newspapers online and offline to show some backbone, and stop posting her every wimpfh and shmimpf. newspapers used to be about changing the world, exposing corruption, influence for the better. If you don't stop this roller coaster, then who will.

And by the way, you don't have to stop with Miley, cause the next "Miley" is just around the corner.