Suzanne Somers Sex Secret: 'He's On Hormones, I'm On Hormones....'

Suzanne Somers, 66, revealed that she and her husband, Alan Hamel, 77, have sex "a couple of times" every single day.

She gave out this news to the whole world on the TV show The Talk.

And what was the secret way that this was possible? Very simple; "He's on hormones and I'm on hormones," she confessed, adding: "What is it about men at four in the morning? And then I'm really awake around eight or so. We have busy mornings."

On hearing this - surprising to some - news, the audience burst into loud applause and cheered her name. The host, Sheryl Underwood, questioned: "Is it two times back-to-back or do you spread the time out?" This caused her co-hosts to almost collapse in fits of laughter.

Suzanne Somers was responding to Miley Cyrus saying on the Today show that she doesn't believe couples have sex after 40. She explained to Matt Lauer that she is exploring her sexuality in her performances because she is young enough to do so.

Lauer asked: "Is the sexual side of you that we're seeing a lot of right now something that's going to be here for a while?" Miley responded: "Well I heard when you turn 40 things start to get a little less sexual. Around 40, I heard that's when people don't have sex anymore."

Lauer pointed out that he was 55 years old, to which Miley replied "Oh then you're really, definitely not sexual."

Suzanne Somers and Alan Hamel have been married for 36 years but have been together as a couple for even longer.

Assuming that they were even more sexually active when they were younger, it means that they have made love over 30,000 times.