Kimberly Webster: There Needs To Be More Female Streakers

Kimberly Webster: There Needs To Be More Female Streakers

Kimberly Webster thinks there should be more female streakers, and she decided to take action for her cause this weekend at golf’s Presidents Cup.

The young woman was seen streaking across the fairway at the Presidents Cup wearing nothing but a red, white, and blue thongs and an American flag. She created quite a stir as she ran past the golfers, and even managed to escape the grounds without being caught by police or security.

The incident was certainly strange. While streakers are not entirely uncommon at sporting events, they are usually men and most often take place at games where heavy drinking is involved (which usually means football).

Though she was anonymous at first, Kimberly Webster has come forward to speak out about her Presidents Cup streaking. For one, she said the near-naked interruption was an attempt to make golf a little more interesting.

“I thought, imagine if someone streaked through this, it’d be hilarious, so we joked about it,” said Webster, who was temping at a hospitality tent at the golf event. “I wanted to add a little excitement to golf because everyone seemed kind of depressed and like they weren’t having fun because of the weather. I hadn’t been to a lot of sporting events…I just thought it would be interesting to try something like this.”

Unlike most drunken impromptu streaks, Kimberly Webster seemed to put quite a bit of planning into her romp.

“The day before, it started off as a joke. I mentioned it and thought it’d be funny,” the 23-year-old told radio hosts Karlson and Mackenzie on Monday morning. “I got home, did some research on the top streakers of all time and they seemed to be all men. I thought, let’s try to change this.”

But Kimberly Webster didn’t get away completely unscathed. She said police came to her house the next day and booked her on a misdemeanor charge. Her fine for streaking at the Presidents Cup, one of the biggest events in golf with millions of viewers watching? Just 99 bucks.