Twitter, Comcast Partnernship Brings The 'See It' Button This Fall

Twitter, Comcast, and NBC Universal are bringing users the "See It" button later this fall, Comcast announced on Wednesday.

The groundbreaking partnership will allow users to watch live streams on smartphones or tablets just by tapping on the button which will be embedded in certain tweets, effectively turning users phones into a remote.

The feature will be available only for XFinity customers and is expected to premiere in November for shows aired on NBC Universal family of networks, according to All Things SD.

Some of the other features customers will have access to are setting their DVR, setting reminders for upcoming shows, and purchasing movie tickets via the website Fandango.

Twitter has been hard at work, trying to do business with the television industry and now it will effectively become another means in which users can watch their favorite TV shows.

As illustrated in the photo and with most things related to Twitter, the "See it" button is included with the select tweets and the users only needs to tap on it.

This opens a box of options for viewers to choose from and then voila, they can watch, record, and set directly from their phone.

The social media site is one of the most popular means of communication on the Internet, with millions of users commenting on specific shows in real time, including actors featured in those shows.

Twitter, Comcast deal.

Sam Schwartz, Comcast's chief business development officer said in a statement, "We want to make the conversation on Twitter lead to consumption."

Schwartz says the idea was developed at Comcast and it hopes to include other pay-TV providers, other networks, and eventually other websites in the future.

Comcast in the largest pay-TV provider in the US with 24 million subscribers.

The "See It" deal could mean that programmers now can check a show's ratings directly from the social media site, which could in turn make Twitter the most influential advertising platform to date.

[Image courtesy of Comcast]