Son Makes Dad Cry With Bengals Tickets [Video]

bengals tickets

When a sports video goes viral it usually involves a brawl, some unruly fans, or a spectacular play. But every once in a while a video surfaces that is absolutely heart warming.

A video has been making the rounds this week called “Dad’s Bengals Surprise.”

Brian D. explains on YouTube that his dad has been a Bengals fan for 40 years. But despite his love for the team, he has never been to a Bengals game of an NFL game.

The video starts with some smaller presents like jerseys and hats. Then Brian D. moves on to the big surprise, plane tickets and game tickets to watch the Bengals take on the New York Jets.

Brian D. writes: “On October 6th, 2013, I decided to surprise my dad with plane & game tickets to go see his favorite NFL team, the Cincinnati Bengals. He’s never been to an NFL game let alone to go see his favorite NFL team, for 40 years.”

Sorry, should I have said spoilers? It doesn’t really matter if you know what’s going to happen in the video because the dad’s reaction is absolutely priceless.

Here’s the video of happiest Bengals fan on the planet.