Tish Cyrus Rebukes Critics: Says She’s ‘Right Beside’ Miley

Tish Cyrus selfie

Tish Cyrus was criticised in the recent MTV documentary called Miley: The Movement for not being supportive enough of her daughter Miley.

Even though Tish is a mother of five she has a hard enough time, as we all do, keeping up with the latest “Miley news.” Ontheredcarpet.com reported back on October 1 that Miley had a Twitter conversation with her mum about the rumors in the press that Miley was pregnant.

The Twitter chat between Tish Cyrus and Miley went something like this:

Miley: Did you know I’m pregnant with a baby this morning?

Tish: What are you gonna name it?

Miley: Juicy J Jr Duh

Tish: Hahahahahaha!

The Inquisitr reported on the selfie picture of Tish and Miley, taken on Monday in New york City. As you can see in the image above Tish is attempting Miley’s trademark tongue poke and making a peace sign to the camera.

Tish spoke to Matt Lauer on Monday about the negative comments levelled against her in the documentary: “Anyone that’s ever said, ‘Where’s her mother?’ Right beside her—through good, through bad, through arguments, through crying, through I don’t care what—right there.”

The criticism began after Tish and her husband Billy Ray Cyrus were no-shows at Miley‘s steamy VMA’s performance. Miley followed her mother’s comments, in typical Miley Styley, saying about her moms: “My mom is my homie.”

Life just gets better these days for everyone’s favorite “Wrecking Ball” star as she enjoys unprecedented success with her singing career. Her latest album, Bangerz, which was released on Tuesday went straight to number one on iTunes.

Miley Tweeted her excitement about the early success of her new album: “OMG OMG OMG #bangerz is #1. I love you all so F–KING much! I wanna squeeze everyone of you,” she posted.

What do you think about the criticism against Tish Cyrus? Do you think it is justified or do you think Tish is “right beside” Miley? Share your thoughts in the feed below.