Sprite For Hangovers: Here’s How It Works

sprite for hangovers

Did you know that Sprite is good for hangovers? I was always told that coffee and orange juice was the best cure for a pumping headache after a night on the town.

Researchers in China are alleging that Sprite, the yummy bubbly lemon/lime beverage, found in most convenience stores is actually far more effective for curing a hangover.

So here’s how it works, basically…

When you drink an excessive amount of alcohol the body tries to break it down. It’s this process which causes the symptoms of a hangover, namely nausea, fatigue and headaches. When a person drinks liquids after consuming alcohol the liver releases an enzyme known as ADH. This breaks the alcohol down into acetaldehyde.

Ok, enough if the technical stuff which means little to the average hangover sufferer… Bottom line?

The researchers at the Sun Yat-Sen University in China said that Sprite is good for hangovers because it speeds up the ALDH process which breaks the alcohol down more rapidly therefore shortening the hangover period.

Sprite which was launched in 1961 has been a household favorite in America for millions of people and has always been considered, like coca-cola, to have a settling effect on an upset stomach.

The latest revelation by researchers, that Sprite is good for hangovers, will have many people reaching for a can of the fizzy beverage instead of opting for the black coffee option which can actually slow down the hangover recovery period due to the caffeine content.