Pat Robertson: The Atkins Diet Violates God’s Principles [Video]

No low-carb diets for you, believer! Pat Robertson says protein-heavy fad diets like the Atkins Diet are a total slap in God’s face.

The controversial 700 Club host admitted just earlier today that he doesn’t understand what “transgender” means (more on that here) but Pat has actually been at his usual tricks all week. Monday’s entry had the televangelist trashing low-carb diets and accusing halal foods of funding terrorism.

“When your body burns this stuff with no carbohydrates, what happens is … you get swollen joints, you get gout, you get all kinds of problems where you ache like crazy,” he fumes. Pretty sound stuff, but where’s the God pa… oh, wait:

“The carbs are the fire that [burns] everything completely. Sooner or later, it violates the principles that God set down.”

He later talked about halal food, and said that eating it funds terrorist groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

While Robertson doesn’t have a problem with the religious ritual that makes food safe for Muslim consumption, he did say that his “researchers” discovered that a bit of all the profit taken in by halal producers goes to terrorist groups.

We don’t know whether that’s true, but we do know that Muslims are probably not watching the 700 Club, nor will they cease eating halal foods. We also know that in the New Testament of the Christian Bible, Paul made a pretty persuasive argument for why it doesn’t matter what kind of meat you eat.


Free bacon for every Christian!

Anyway, watch Pat Robertson’s thoughts on low-carb dieting and halal food below: