Frank Ocean Was Almost In A Chipotle Commercial, Says Fiona Apple

Frank Ocean Chipotle Commercial

Frank Ocean is known for crooning his way into the hearts of R&B fans, and knocking down barriers for the LGBT community in hip hop. What Frank Ocean isn’t known for is food commercials. However, he might have had a different fate if he took a deal to lend his voice in a Chipotle commercial.

According to Fiona Apple, who decided to lend her vocals for a Chipotle commercial, she wasn’t their number one choice. Instead of the harsh, and sometimes broody vocals, Chipotle was after the sultry vocals of Frank Ocean.

Currently Fiona Apple sings “Pure Imagination” for Chipotle, but originally they wanted Frank Ocean to cover the Willy Wonka song.

Recently Fiona Apple spoke with Pitchfork and revealed the decision to sing in the Chipotle commercial. Apple elaborated on how she scored the gig with Chipotle, having said:

“Chipotle was in a big rush and they initially wanted Frank Ocean, but he screwed up his voice. And they wanted to use “Pure Imagination”, a song I wanted to do in a show when I was 18 but was too afraid to. I didn’t want Gene Wilder to be upset about that song being sung by some idiot. I thought that I had the best chance of doing it well. This is the absolute truth: The only person that I care what they think of the Chipotle commercial is Gene Wilder.”

We’re not quite sure if Frank could have covered “Pure Imagination” quite flawlessly as Fiona Apple does, but it definitely would have been something different for Chipotle. Too bad Frank Ocean messed up his voice!

In addition to lending her voice to Chipotle commercials, Apple made headlines for speaking up recently in Portland when she tossed a heckler from her concert.

The singer told the press:

“If anyone gets in my way, I’m going to get them out of my way.”

Check out Fiona Apple’s commercial with Chipotle below.

Could you imagine Frank Ocean covering the Willy Wonka song?

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