Breaking Jonas: The Jonas Brothers Cancel Tour Over Rift

Have The Jonas Brothers split up? That’s what many fans of the tween group all grown up are asking themselves. After being on a hiatus for two years, The Jonas Brothers announced today that they are cancelling their upcoming tour due to a “deep rift within the band.”

The cancellation of The Jonas Brothers tour comes just two days before the tour was supposed to officially kick off. Their spokesman Jesse Derris told PEOPLE the reason behind the rift had to do with their musical direction.

Since The Jonas Brothers’ hiatus, both Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas have embarked on solo careers as musicians.

Over the weekend tensions ran high between the brothers in regards to their tour. Apparently an argument broke out between Joe, 24, Nick, 21, and Kevin, 25, and the 19-date tour was cancelled. The tour was supposed to start on Friday. Due to the cancellation ticket holders will be refunded.

This cancellation comes after a few awkward years for the boys. The trio departed from Hollywood Records, which they signed to back in 2007 at the height of their fame. In 2012 the band announced that they departed from their contract.

A tour cancellation isn’t really a good sign, especially since fans have been waiting for the boys to recapture their glory years of 2007 to 2009. When asked if The Jonas Brothers were breaking up for good, a rep had commented that, “It remains to be seen.” Not a good sign indeed.

While Joe and Nick have pursued their solo careers, older brother Kevin decided to pursue an acting career and also stars in his own reality series on E! with wife Danielle on the show Married to Jonas.

Despite their solo endeavors the future did look pretty promising for The Jonas Brothers given the fact that they released a new single called “Pom Poms.”

However now it looks like The Jonas Brothers are done for the time being.

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