‘The Hangover 3’ Releases Blooper Reel [Video]

Those who actually saw The Hangover 3 didn’t exactly dig the third installment in the series. Critics panned it for being formulaic and bland, while others just found the film lacking what it banked the original on — humor.

The Hangover 3 also didn’t score with its usual loyal fan base. It’s gross at the box office was $112 million, which was half the amount the first and second installments took in. On Rotten Tomatoes, which is an aggregated site of film reviews by critics, The Hangover 3 pulled in a 19 percent rating out of a hundred. To put it in perspective, the original film, The Hangover pulled in a 79 percent rating.

Film critic Joshua Starnes from ComingSoon said of The Hangover 3:

“These movies are done. They are past done. Yes, The Hangover was a genuinely funny movie, but the warm feelings towards a well done piece of entertainment are not enough to make Part III anything more than rote.”

Prior to The Hangover 3’s release Todd Phillips spoke about the criticisms about the sequel, having told Vanity Fair:

“If you stay through the credits, you’ll see in typical Hangover fashion we have another big credit moment that I think everyone will enjoy. The criticisms were really about the structure—they didn’t know how this could happen to the same guys twice. “Who would ever have a night like that twice?” So we were like, “Oh yeah? It’s going to happen three times. F**k you.”

That said it looks like The Hangover 3 is trying to milk every bit out of the franchise before they put the last nail in the coffin. The Hangover 3 is out on DVD this week so in order to beef up those DVD sales, MTV has decided to preview a clip from the outtakes of the film. The clips prove to be pretty amusing, which is surprising given the reception of the film. Perhaps Todd Phillips left the best material on the cutting room floor for The Hangover 3?

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