Sprite For Hangovers Is Better Than ‘The Hair Of The Dog”

sprite for hangovers

Sprite for hangovers is better than black coffee, a Bloody Mary or the proverbial “hair of the dog.”

That is according to a group of Chinese scientists who examined 57 beverages before deciding that the lemon and lime drink performed the best.

Firstly, they examined why hangovers follow the consumption of too much alcohol.They found that its is not actually the alcohol itself, but rather what happens when the body tries to break down the alcohol.The main symptoms are nausea and severe headaches.

When we drink, the liver release an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH), which breaks down the ethanol in alcohol into a chemical called acetaldehyde.

This is then broken down into another chemical called acetate, which is usually thought of as harmless. Indeed, some of the health benefits of alcohol consumption arise from the chemical reaction of acetate in the body.

The scientists found that It is the more potent chemical acetaldehyde that is the cause of hangover symptoms. The researchers at Sun Yat-Sen University, in Guangzhou, tested many drinks, ranging from from teas, hot herbal drinks and various fizzy drinks – and examined how they affected ADH and ALDH.

But Sprite was found to actually speed up the ALDH process, causing the alcohol to be broken down more quickly,thus reducing the period of the hangover,

Sprite was launched in 1961, and is the fourth most popular soft drink in the world, having sales in 180 countries. Although the effect of Sprite on hangovers has only just been revealed, it has long been known that it is very beneficial for settling upset stomachs.

How do you feel about trying Sprite to cure YOUR next hangover? Or do you have a better remedy? You can share it with us using the comment feed below.