Baywatch Cast Talks Weight Requirements, Bathing Suits On 25th Anniversary [Video]

The Baywatch cast reunited today for the show’s 25th anniversary.

David Hasselhoff, Brande Roderick, Parker Stevenson, Nicole Eggert, David Chokachi and Traci Bingham reunited on Entertainment Tonight to reminisce about the hit life guarding show. Pamela Anderson didn’t make it to the reunion.

The Baywatch cast shared some behind-the-scenes stories and revealed that there were strict weight requirements to be a member of the fictional lifeguard team.

Eggert said: “[There] was a five-pound fluctuation you couldn’t go up or down.”

Bingham added: “If you did anything to gain or lose weight, etc., you were in trouble.”

Baywatch was more about the fit bodies than the story line so it isn’t too surprising that cast had to meet a certain weight requirement. After all, the most famous character from the show was probably that little red bathing suit. Which, according to Eggert, frequently came off during takes.

Eggert said: We had plenty of moments where it didn’t really stay on… Especially the top too because it had a really low back so one little slip and the shoulder came off [and] you know what happens when the shoulder comes off. It happened a lot.”

The Baywatch cast featured several beautiful faces and, according to Eggert, that caused some tension on set.

The actress, who appeared on the show between 1992 and 1994, said: “It got very competitive as the years went on… There were more women going for that look and wanting to be the hottest and the sexiest. Just cattiness, you know? Who got more airplay or who booked this magazine [and] who did this photo shoot.”