Study: Over two dozen kids sent to ER over crib injuries each day

Thousands of kids wind up in the hospital due to crib-related injuries each year, a new study reveals, and lawmakers are reexamining guidelines to determine whether revisions in safety standards will improve those numbers.

The yearly figure breaks down to an average of 26 kids in the emergency room each day just due to injuries incurred in their cribs. Dr. Gary A. Smith, director of the Center for Injury Research and Policy and the study’s lead author, commented on the statistics:

“The most significant findings for me was the number of injuries… I didn’t expect to see 9,500 children a year treated in emergency departments for crib-related injuries.”

During the 18 year study, more than 181,000 kids were injured by nursery furniture including bassinets, playpens and cribs. Of the range of items included, 83% of injuries stemmed just from cribs- with falling the most common reason children required medical attention. Dr. Smith speculated on the disproportionate numbers:

“Children are top-heavy… When children start to lean out over the top of a rail of a crib, they will topple forward.”

It was also noted that the types of injuries tracked by the study tend to be underreported, so the actual number of crib-related injuries could be far higher.