Spaghetti Sauce 'Bomb' Bank Robber Found Guilty

Clinton Township, MI - A woman who attempted to rob a bank with a pair of spaghetti sauce cans has been found guilty in a court of law.

Ophelia Neal pleaded guilty in Oakland County Circuit Court to bank robbery and explosive charges after her April 6 crime in Macomb County. The 53-year-old pleaded guilty to the charges, and was previously wanted in Oakland County for parole violations.

According to law enforcement authorities, Neal went into a Fifth Third Bank in Clinton Township and told one of the tellers that she had a bomb in her cloth bag. She managed to get away with an unspecified amount of cash in a car driven by a man. She was arrested later, and police found that her bomb bag actually contained two cans of spaghetti sauce.

Hence, Spaghetti Sauce Bomb Bank Robber.

Neal has priors for fraud, marijuana possession and assault. She'll be sentenced November 9.

Though Neal's food-as-weapon choice was certainly unique, she's hardly the first criminal to attempt such a thing. The banana is actually a very common "weapon" used in robberies.

In 2009, a North Carolina teen attempted to rob a store with a banana and ate it before law enforcement arrived. He held it under his shirt when he entered the store, claiming that it was a gun and demanding money.

The owner said that he and a customer jumped the kid and held him until police arrived. While they waited, the teen ate the banana. A Sherriff's office spokesman joked that they could charge the teen with destroying evidence.

Here's Ophelia Neal's mug!

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