Matt Damon Got Old Yesterday And We Missed It

Remember when Matt Damon was a hot new talent on the scene, tearing it up with hetero life partner Ben Affleck and their Oscar triumph, Good Will Hunting?

Well then you, like Matt Damon, are An Old, as the star turned a respectably handsome 43 yesterday -- and we totally forgot to wish him happy birthday!

As Damon turns 43, the star is coming off the summer blockbuster Elysium, after starring in an anti-fracking film earlier this year.

But Matt isn't just loved by fans for his political activism and outspokenness -- he also loves to participate in celebrity in-joking, like in the clip above with Stephen Colbert.

Before showing up on Colbert's show to lampoon Daft Punk with a "Get Lucky" ringtone (Stephen had a tiff with the band and MTV over their refusal to appear because of the VMAs), he was involved in a running gag with Jimmy Kimmel, too.

Every so often, an "angry" Matt Damon would be "bumped" from Kimmel's show, culminating in then-girlfriend of Kimmel's humorous ditty "I'm f*cking Matt Damon," which itself was followed by a response to Damon and Silverman about Kimmel having a torrid affair with Ben Affleck.

While Damon didn't have any ostentations celebrations for his 43rd birthday that we know of, the star and wife Luciana partied it up in her native Miami earlier this month.

And while it was Matt's birthday, the staffers at the swank hotel where his group celebrated were treated well, too -- one spy dished:

"The entire group was extremely kind... [Matt Damon] left an extra $500 on a check that already included gratuity."

The gathering ahead of Matt Damon's birthday, reportedly for his mother-in-law's birthday, featured a menu of "Chicken Caesar salad, lobster thermidor, grilled vegetable platters, seared haloumi, lentil salads, fried calamari, conch ceviche and a variety of kids' food," reports.

Do you have a favorite Matt Damon movie, or do you like his surprise appearances best?