Keyport Slide Stores Your Files Via USB, Opens Your Beer Bottles

Combining beer drinking and computer use is a favorite pastime of mine and now I can enjoy both at the same time thanks to the Keyport Slide.

The device, which includes a USB key version can be used to replace your keychain (it stores your keys in the available slots) and acts as a thumb drive with 4GB for $18.99 or $28.00 for the 8GB version.

Also featured is five blades and a USB option for $89 and if that’s not enough for you, a slide-out bottle opener is also featured (Shown in the video below) so you can sit at your computer while pounding back a few brews.

Sure the cost isn’t cheap for the USB option, but it’s a great helper if you happen to be working from a WiFi enabled bar.

Here’s the video:

What do you think about the Keyport Slide?