‘Mighty No. 9’: Keiji Inafune Open To Capcom Taking It

Mighty No. 9 could go to Capcom if Keiji Inafune gets a good enough deal. Apparently the creator of Mega Man isn’t harboring any ill will toward his previous employer, as the game he created with help from Kickstarter funding could actually be published by them. Perhaps he’s trying to get his job back?

Anyway, it seems ironic that after Capcom let Keiji Inafune go and canceled future Mega Man games, the man behind Mighty No. 9 would be willing to let the ailing game company take it as long as the conditions are agreeable. Considering that Capcom owns the rights to Mega Man, it could be a bad idea to let them handle the title, as similar as the game is to its spiritual predecessor. The game could easily be discarded just like Keiji Inafune’s own creation before it.

Keiji Inafune recently told Game Informer about his position on the deal:

“I would hear their terms. If they had the best terms, I would go with Capcom. There is no reason not to publish with Capcom, and I certainly don’t feel like there’s a reason that I have to publish with Capcom. Literally it would be a very cut-and-dried business negotiation. If they had the best terms, the logical businessman in me would say, ‘Yes, let’s go with them.'”

Additionally, the Mighty No. 9 developer would be willing to change the title character into Mega Man if Capcom’s terms are workable and it was what they wanted. Technically, that was the scenario that Keiji Inafune was hoping for in the first place. He never wanted to see Mega Man die off as a series, and neither did the fans.

Could it be that the game that Keiji Inafune built outside Capcom could eventually be the comeback of Mega Man? Would you like to see Mighty No. 9 published by Capcom, or do you think Keiji Inafune should look elsewhere?