New ‘Pokemon’ Game Will Star Pikachu By Himself

A new Pokemon game starring Pikachu is in the works, though the title’s name hasn’t been finalized. You knew it had to happen eventually.

When you think of Pokemon, usually the first image that comes to mind is that of the electricity-wielding pocket monster that’s been with the series since Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. The Pokemon Company’s Tsunekazu Ishihara has announced via his blog that Pikachu is set to get his own new Pokemon game.

It is unknown at this time what kind of game the new title will be, or if it may have cameos of other Pokemon in it, but we know that the single most popular pocket monster of them all will be playing a starring role this time. The news is accompanied by a blurb on a Japanese TV channel‘s website stating that the “never before seen game” has been in development since this summer.

The new Pokemon Game with Pikachu playing the starring role is said to paint Pikachu in a very unusual way, and the title could make or break the gaming icon for fans everywhere. As excited as gamers have been for the release of Pokemon X and Y, a game that takes the series in a bold new direction all by itself, it’s hard to imagine a game that would change their minds that easily.

Ideas for what this new Pikachu title will be include a side-scrolling platformer, an endless runner, or possibly even a sandbox title where the little yellow dickens is lost and must make his way out of the wilderness to reach a place where he’ll never see another Pokeball. Or perhaps it could be based on the Robot Chicken gag where we see what happens when he’s actually inside the Pokeball.

All speculation aside, we only know that a new Pokemon game featuring Pikachu is coming from The Pokemon Company.

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