Mariah Carey Bares All For Nick Cannon’s Birthday

Mariah Carey bared all, mostly, for Nick Cannon’s birthday on Twitter today. Yes, she kept it tasteful enough to be shared on the Internet, but provocative enough to give birthday boy Nick Cannon, now 33, something to look forward to when he gets home.

We’re sure Nick got something a bit more revealing than a picture, but from what the pop diva showed the world, we barely got less than Mariah Carey might have shown her husband in private. The tweet shows her hair covering her face, but her button-up blouse is wide open, revealing a black lace bra underneath … and nothing else.

Three guesses what Nick Cannon’s getting when he arrives to greet his ever-faithful wife Mariah Carey, and it’s a lot more than just “Emotion.”

Mariah is baring all for him, and then some. No doubt the two will have sex while listening to her music, as always. This is going to be one Happy Birthday for Nick Cannon.

The spark is definitely still there for the couple, who have been married since 2008 and renewed their vows last year. After giving birth to twins, it seems Mariah Carey is still raring to go another round.

The mega-talented couple has enjoyed a career in the spotlight, as musical performers and as TV show hosts. Mariah Carey has gone from pop singer to judge for American Idol and Nick Cannon has gone from rapper to judge on America’s Got Talent.