Tennessee Titans hire UFL’s Palmer to run offense

Some might say the United Football League’s loss of yet another Head Coach, at a fragile point in their history, is a very bad thing. I don’t happen to share that opinion. The UFL will ultimately be successful as a stepping stone to the NFL and the more players and coaches the reach the big dance from the UFL the more the UFL will be able to bring in talent. Even if said talent has to play in the UFL for free, it may be worth to do so to get a football career jump started. We have seen that happen a few times now, and it my mind it is a positive.

Let’s be blunt here, Chris Palmer as a head football coach has been an abysmal failure in two leagues now. However even a guy with a 8-32 record with the Cleveland Browns and Hartford Colonials has earned another shot at the next level as Offensive Coordinator of the Tennessee Titans. If that is true any coach who needs to rehab his career should be calling the UFL today. Insert your favorite NFL head coach wash out here.

On top of that I think this move makes the Hartford Colonials better. Sure the offense was pretty good, but Palmer’s insistence that everyone plays really halted any kind of flow by either QB who saw significant playing time in each game of the 2010 UFL season. I though it was a mistake then, and I hold to that now.

Sure three of the five UFL teams will have new coaches in 2011, but maybe that is a good thing. It will bring fresh blood to a league that kind of needs it right now. By serving as an unofficial proving grounds the UFL could have a very bright future.

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